Image Credits

FSU-MoFA Cranbrook Print Collection
Donated from the Printmaking Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, this collection consists of two print portfolios one entitled Re-enactment: The French Have a Word for It, and the other, Underbelly. Each suite contains 18 prints 22" x 15" executed in various printmaking techniques - lithography, intaglio, screen print, letterpress and relief. The prints were produced by the department's graduate students and the department head.


FSU-MoFA Seymour Collection
Originally these works were donated in 1982 to the Special Collections Department of Strozier Library by Arthur and Mayce Seymour. However, they were transferred to the Museum in the fall of 1988. The Seymour Collection consists of Oriental prints and paintings, porcelain objects, and miniature wooden objects such as a pagoda and jinrikisha. The collection also contains Asian stationery, postcards and books, dolls, fans, writing instruments, Lotus blossom shoes and other items. In total, this collection contains more than ninety Chinese and Japanese objects.


FSU-MoFA Shapiro Collection
Donated by Howard Shapiro in 1990, this collection consists of 109 photographs by Arthur Taussing. These photos include c-prints, Polaroids and color photographs, most dating to the late 1970s and early 1980s. Images represent in large part California but also include Texas, Florida, Washington D.C. and Mexico, as well as homages to various artists.


Image of the Ringling Museum


The two images above were taken by Allys Palladino-Craig, Director, FSU Museum of
Fine Arts, in October of 2003 when Rustin Levenson and her associates
conserved the painting, The Fair, by Jose Maria Sert.